21 01 2020


19:00 - 21:30




What do we learn from most? Exactly, the things that went south. We support those who dared, failed and got back up!

We’re global network and meetup of starters, entrepreneurs, pioneers, innovators and change makers at heart. Our audience is presented with stories focused on business/project failures, each story lasting ±7 minutes. After every presentation there’s a 10-15 min moderated Q&A.

During the presentation the speakers use the following 4F guideline:

1. Fail (What happened)
2. Facts (Business/Project details)
3. Feelings (Emotional experience)
4. Find (Learning outcome)

The official program will run approximately 2 hours. The international audience is presented with 1 inspiring talk and at least 3 more stories of business/project failures. At the end we have the open stage for those daring and willing to step forward. We arranged plenty of time upfront, in between and after the event for drinks, bites and networking.

More about Fuckup Nights The Hague at

You will learn:
-Lessons of other like minded people
-How to prevent a (similar) fuckup
-What to do when things (almost) go south

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