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Are you dreaming of your own business? Are you considering a change in careers? Do you want to change course in life? Are you hungry for out-of-the-box thinking? Then join us and become part of the growing community of brave and unconventional thinkers!

Join our events and learn from those who have gone before you.

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You’ll learn from both our experts’ success as well as their failures.

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Pick the brain of those who have learned through experience.

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Those who never failed, never tried.

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All you need to know

How to Start is an event initiative all about getting you and/or your business started; from the actual start to having succes and even about failure. We’re really excited to get this series of events started with you and the city of The Hague being the first hosting these events. Let’s get you started!
What is How to Start about?

Basically we’re bringing you the lessons learned in entrepreneurship. You’ll learn about the mindset, skills, methods and tools being used or developed by our so called experts, who are just those like you being out there, bringing it into practise, trying to make an impact.

What is the goal of How to Start?
You can pick the brain of our experts, who learned from experience. Either to prevent you to reinvent the wheel, but also just because you’re part of these brave and unconventional thinkers that need support in making a change. All our experts know they have to give and serve first in order to grow personally and with their business as well. We strive for an equal balance between sharing, taking and caring.
What will the experts of How to Start share?
They’re eager to share their valuable insights gathered along their way to (potential) success. They will focus on different topics related to their business or experience in getting started, finding your first paying customers, getting funded, reaching success and also about dealing with failure or for example pressure or expectations. Just check out the program and see if there’s anything you like!
Is there an event calendar of How to Start?

We added all the upcoming events to the calendar on this website, being shown on every page. Just scroll to this piece of content by clicking here. When you see the calendar, simply click on the title or date of the upcoming event to get more or detailed information. You can also checkout the upcoming events on for example Meetup.

Are the events of How to Start for free?

Some events are for free, some of them ask a small investment in line with the actual benefits. The price is always meeting up to a fair exchange of value if you ask us. Curious to get started? Use the coupon code YOUxHTS for a 25% discount on your first booking. Hope to see you at How to Start!

How can I contribute to How to Start?

If you think you have any valuable insights to share with other like minded entrepreneurial souls, please reach out to us via the contact form below or by emailing to

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For all you creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators, project owners and daredevils that want to get started or reach the next level; we got your back with our events focused on your personal and professional development. Check out the programme!

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