25 09 2019


18:00 - 20:00


Gain clarity, build confidence and thrive with energy! Because we can’t control life but we can control the way we respond to these events.

As entrepreneurs and creatives our businesses require us to show-up everyday, fresh, energized and with a clear vision of where we’re headed. But then life happens and we experience events that make us feel frustrated, angry and scared. We doubt ourselves and our businesses.

In this 90min masterclass you will learn the what, how and why by learning about the 6 fundamentals in becoming unstoppable and to help you master your mind so you can navigate through life and business without suffering.

We will address: Self, Brain, Emotions, Awareness, Community and Consistency. All 6 fundamentals will be explained what they represent, why they are important on your journey and how you can train them so they start working for you!

More about Ines and her program at https://inesgaston.com/

This workshop is for anyone:
-who is looking to upscale their game but doesn’t know how
-who wants to learn how to gain balance again
-who is curious to learn how the brain and mind work together

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