Get a Crowd


Get a Crowd


Apollo 14
Saturnusstraat 14, Den Haag


27 11 2019


16:00 - 18:00


How to get started and eventually succesfully funded with your crowdfunding campaign? Arthur knows!

During this workshop you will learn from in practice experience, through lessons learned over more than 200 (!) campaigns focused on how you can use crowdfunding to make impact with your initiative or business.

The lessons learned will be illustrated by projects working on the plastic waste challenge that are part of Arthur’s portfolio that reached success like The Ocean CleanUp, The Great Bubble Barrier, Clean2Antarctica.

For example: Arthur van de Graaf coördinated the crowdfunding of The Ocean Cleanup of Boyan Slat, raising over € 2.000.000 in just 100 days coming from 38.000 supporters from 160 countries.

Bring you business case if necessary of preferred! In general this means this session will of course use in practise examples.

More information about Arthur, his sessions or any other services at

You will learn:
-The basics about crowdfunding
-What to think of when being focused on impact
-Do’s and don’ts based on the lessons learned
-How to prepare for the crowd

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